Used AEOON Compact 8 digital textile printer for sale 

VERY SPECIAL OFFER ONLY VALID IN OCTOBER 2021: € 130.000,- excl. VAT, ex works Salzburg for the whole system (Aeoon Compact 8 + PTB Pretreatment machine + Sanco Dryer Tunnel) Email:

We are selling our AEOON Compact 8 digital textile printer. The printer has been shut down since May 2020 (incl. storage fluid, so printheads can't be damaged) and gets checked on a regular basis. 

Our AEOON Compact 8 comes with the following equipment:

- 8 Kyocera KJ4B Printheads (CMYK + 4x White)

- Linear Motor Movement System

- 2 Pallets 400x500mm

- 2 Aeoon Ladies Pallet - 400x300 mm

- 2 Aeoon Children Pallet - 270x300 mm

- 2 Short Sleeves Pallet - 125x125 mm

- 600dpi Native Solution

- Automatic Wiper System/Capping Station

- Linux Control Server

- Multitouch Monitor

- Aeoon Humidification System

The AEOON Compact 8

The Compact Series is a high-performance industrial textile printer. It is the ideal solution for new or experienced textile printing companies. The Compact Series offers high output, unmatched print quality in a smaller footprint than our flagship KYO Series.

Our RIP software optimizes high resolution artwork with a touch of a key, sends it to the printer and is ready to go. The software automatically adjusts the white underbase to optimize the cost per print which is significantly reduced versus competition. We offer a large selection of pallets to offer the most flexibility for our customers and, like all aeoon printers, deliver the high-resolution quality prints.

The Compact Series of AEOON is a cost effective industrial DTG printer that prints efficiently, at the highest quality, with the flexibility aeoon is known for offering.

Specifications of the AEOON Compact 8

Industrial printheads: 8

Print stations: 2

Color channels: CMYK + 4W

Max. Print size: 50 x 70 cm; 19.7 x 27.6 in

Printable material:Cotton, synthetics, mixed fibers, canvas, wood, leather and more

Machine size: 280 x 220 x 170 cm 110.2 x 86.6 x 66.9 in

Machine weight: 1500 kg; 3307 lb

Electrical connections: 400/208 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Ph, 16 A – max. Power: 7.5 kVA

Compressed air: 7 bar – quality class 5

Environmental conditions:

depending on the ink used Temperature: 22 – 28 °C,

Humidity: 65 – 90 %

How old is our AEOON Compact 8

Our machine was used for one year. At the end we did not have the right staff and customers to run it efficiently. The heads are working perfectly. The last nozzle tests were almost perfect. If you'll have Aeoon for installation we recommend letting them do the fine tuning as well. Our machine is in excellent condition as it was only used for a short time. It’s not new but as good as new.

Where is our AEOON Compact 8?

The textile printer is in our embroidery in Salzburg, Austria. For all shipping and transportation details please get in touch with us to provide you with all details.

For how much do we sell our AEOON Compact 8?

SPECIAL PRICE starting October 2021: € 130.000,- excl. VAT, ex works Salzburg

We also sell our Aeoon Twin Belt Dryer - 2/4000 & PTB Pretreatment Spray Unit

Aeoon Twin Belt Dryer - 2/4000

Twin belt: width 2x 700mm

Inlet: 1200mm

Heating Zone: 4000mm

Outlet: 1200mm

Output up to 880 T-Shirts/hour

DRYER: € 35.000,- net

PTB Pretreatment Spray Unit with belt

- Size: 1000x3000mm
- 13 Nozzles
- Touch Screen
- Full Automatic with belt system
- 1x220V N + L + PE
- 0,9 kVA / 50/60 HZ

PTB: € 25.000,- net


Find detailed information about our Aeoon Twin Belt Dryer - 2/4000 on the Aeoon Website.


Interested? Let’s get in touch

If you are interested in buying our machine please give us a call (+436641462059, Mrs. Weissenbacher) or drop it as an email.